My Semi Vegan Diet

Today I decided to write an article about my semi vegan diet !

It’s been almost 5 months since I  decided to change my diet. The reason that made me change my diet is very simple : I was disgust by the taste of meat, the taste of blood when it came to red flesh.

On February 26th of 2016, I decided with 2 friends of mine, to reduce our meat consumption. To do that we firstly said that we would not eat flesh at lunch time on school days (Monday -> Friday) but we would allow ourselves to eat some meat at dinner time and also during the week-end. We also decided that we could keep on eating one particular food (that included meat, for me it was bacon). At the beginning I must admit that it was quite difficult but after a whole month on this diet, I did not feel the need to eat meat at lunch. Now that it’s been around 5 months, there are days when I eat 100% vegan  ! I also feel healthier and more in shape than I used to. And when I have to eat some meat I enjoy it more than I did in the past.

At the moment I still eat food that comes from animals (here’s a list) :

  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Dairy products (cream, butter, cheese, [I try to stay away from milk because I don’t really like the taste of it anymore], yogurt)
  • Meat [seldom] (chicken, pork, duck, and I stay away from beef)

So that is it for today’s article on my whole semi vegan diet experience. I will soon write an article on what are my favorite things to eat that are vegan. Catch you later ! Bye !

(FYI : I took this picture when I was in London back in March 2016)



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  1. nostalgia….why aren’t we vegan agaaaaain !

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