What I Ate At Lunch #01

Hey everyone ! So for today’s article, I decided to start the “What I Ate” Series. The title speaks for itself, in this “series”, I will show you my meals but I decided to focus on the meals that are VEGAN ! So for today (Tuesday 19th) I had 18 rolls with : 6 salmon + cream cheese rolls, 6 salmon + avocado + cream cheese rolls and 6 cucumber + cream cheese rolls. I drank a Lemonde Black Iced Tea that I got at Starbucks and I had no desert because I was full !

For those who live in Bordeaux, or if you ever come to Bordeaux, definitely give a try to the sushi place called “Luc Sushi” on “Sainte Catherine” ! That’s where I got my rolls. It’s also my favorite sushi place !

What I Ate 01

So I hope that you liked today’s post ! I had so much fun creating it for you guys ! See you on my next post ! Catch you later ! Bye !

( By the way : Today is not posting day it’s just that since I had sushi, I wanted to share that with you ! )


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