My Favorites Of July

( FYI : This article is going to be very long ! But there is a lot of pictures in it. Enjoy ! )

Hey everyone, How are you ?! So today I am coming back with a favorites article. I will try to make a Favorites article every month ! I have 4 different categories for this month which are : Clothing, Skincare, Random & Music !

First of all is Clothing, I have 4 pieces of clothing + 1 accessory to show you :ShirtSo I am obsessed with this floral shirt, it fits me well (you’ll see on future OOTDs),love the patern, I love everything about it ! I bought it at H&M.Short 1After that I have this pair of light denim shorts ! I bought them recently but I truely have an obsession with it ! I got them at a store that’s called Lefties.Short 2Then I have another pair of shorts, but this time they’re from H&M, I bought them because of the fringes at the bottom ! Funny thing is that my waist is floating in them since they are not my size because there was one size left since they were on sale !IMG_6533My biggest obsession of the month I would say. I never really liked denim jackets but then I tried that one and thought it suited me pretty well, so obviously I had to buy it ! It is from Bershka.ToteMy accessory is this tote bag that I got on Asos ! I really wanted a tote bag for the summer time because they are so convenient ! And I am obsessed with the phrase on it !

Next category is Skincare, so I have 3 products that I have been loving this month :

EOSFirst of all, I have this EOS lemon lip balm and what’s good about it, is that it has SPF in it so perfect for the summer time ! I love the smell of it, it’s smells like a Lemon Pie !CliniqueMy favorite skincare product this month has been this Clinique “Anti-Blemish Solutions” clarifying lotion ! This lotion takes all of the dirt, that sits on your face, away !IMG_6555I also loved using this Neutrogena mattifying cleansing gel ! This gel really takes the shine off of your face and it’s smells so good !

In the Random category I only have 1 thing :BookSo it is a book by J.R.R. Tolkien and it’s The Hobbit.  I loved all of the 3 movies so I was really excited to read that one ! I haven’t finished it yet, in fact, I’m still half-way through the book but I’m just taking my time. This book, I find really entertaining to read ! Definitely give it try !

Last category is Music ! So I’ve selected 3 songs that I’ve been obsessed with this month :

Number 1 : Don’t Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers & Daya. I’m sure that you know this song since it is so popular !  Don’t Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers & Daya | Spotify Link

Number 2 : Winterbreak by MUNA. I love this song to death, the singer has such a great voice, the beat is perfect ! Everything is right with that song ! Winterbreak by MUNA | Spotify Link

Number 3 : NoLo by Grace Mitchell. So this song is from last year but I only discovered it this year and I have been listening to it all month long ! It’s just a very energyzing song !    NoLo by Grace Mitchell | Spotify Link

So that is it for today’s article and I hope you liked it ! I will see you on my next article. Catch you later ! Bye !

( PS : I am sorry for the lighting on the pictures, I litteraly forgot to edit them on this point…there’s absolutely no filters on them so they don’t look as nice as they could ! The only thing that I did was adding different shots of my products on the same image. But I promise to you that next time it will be better quality and that my pictures will not look cheap ! )


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