Come Eat With Me ! (2 Days Edition)

Hey everyone ! I hope that you are all doing well ! Today I am doing a new series that I called “Come Eat With Me !”. So basically I will show you when I will be going out to eat !

So on Monday (August 22nd), I went out to eat (by the way, it was a struggle to find a place to eat [fuck my life]). I ended up eating at this place called So Good, it is like a fast-food restaurant. You basically go there take a tray and you’ve got a bunch of stuff for you to choose, so you take what you want to eat and drink, you pay and EAT !


I ate a non-vegan salad (lettuce, tomatoes, fried onions, parmesan cheese + chicken) and I drank my favorite Arizona : Strawberry Lemonade !

On Wednesday, I went out again ! I went to my favorite place in Bordeaux, I already talked about it,  it’s called Luc Sushi !


I ate 6 egg, salmon & cream cheese rolls + 6 salmon & cream cheese rolls with an omelette and I drank an Ice Tea and water !

So that is it for today’s article ! I hope that you liked it ! Definitely stay tune because I will have some exciting articles when I’ll get Back To School !

See ya !


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